Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did she really just say that?

Picture a living room filled with people of all ages, 4 generations of family gathered to enjoy Christmas morning together. Everyone's in a great mood, enjoying each other's company, opening presents, having hot tea, and generally having a lovely time.

Aunt Casey hands Little M a pair of stuffed moose, tied together to appear to be kissing. They're not wrapped, and she takes it at face value.

Little M just loves stuffed animals, so hugs the moose pair, enjoys how soft it is, and thanks Aunt Casey for the cute moose. She sets them aside to move on to another present, but Casey interjects, saying "Wait! You need to open it, there's a present inside."

The moose are tied together (mooses? Moosi? Is there a plural for moose, or is it like sheep?) with ribbon, but Little M hasn't figured that out yet.

She turns the pair around and around, trying to figure out how to "open" it. Finally in frustration, she throws up her hands, and says, very loudly:

"I can't open it! I can't find the moose hole!!!!!"

Now picture 4 generations dying of laughter, vowing to never, ever forget this moment.

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