Monday, January 11, 2010

Why is there bacon in the soap?

Valid question, I must say. Perhaps because some soap is made with lard, which comes from pigs, just as bacon does?

Found on Autocomplete Me

This makes me think of those days when you're in a mad dash, and later find your purse in the fridge, your keys int he shower, and your shoes in the DVD cupboard. Ever have one of those days? I tend to have them, but with just one specific item that I continually misplace for the entire day. Usually it's something vital, my wallet or keys most likely.

Once I discovered I'd put my keys in my closet, with my shoes. Once, my wallet was in my craft room (Disaster Area).

There's more, I"m sure, but those are the two things I can think of. I spent 20-30 minutes searching each time this happened. So frustrating, and I always feel SO stupid when I finally find it, in some stupid place that I would never normally put it. My keys and my wallet live in my purse. Every time. so when they're not there, I'm at a complete loss where they should be!

Why is there bacon in the soap? Because it's just one of those days.

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