Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I heart stylish things

Though I don't have the money for them, most times. This is such a time...but it's so fun to window shop!

Here's what I'd own, if money were no object...

Not sure why a bald mannequin is used, but still...some of these I can see myself wearing more than others, like the blue one with the beads, I can see myself wearing that almost daily.

Then there's the window shopper's dream....aka Etsy:

1. from KissCurl
2. from gurneycreekfarm
3. from NBBWear
4. from DearGoldenVintage
5. from MissMors
6. from alleycatsvintage
7. from heartspot
8. from jantiques
9. from starletvintage
10. from joeireedhats
11. from JuneeMoonVintage
12. from heartspot
13. from BoudoirQueen
14. from fabgabs
15. from MadameQueeny
16. from Tottie

Of course, once I score The Perfect Hat, then I'll be on the hunt for The Perfect Purse...it's just a snowball effect really!

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