Monday, January 18, 2010


Friday evening, one of my best friends had a birthday party, and decided to have it be a themed party! Not only is that fun in itself, but it was a Film Noir party! So...Matt and I went as Joe and Polly from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. AWESOME.

That was totally fun, but I discovered that I really like the 40's look on me, it suits my shape and height, and I can pull off the hair and makeup easily. So, I've been wearing this style since Friday, and documenting it like a good blogger :)

Night of the party:



Today (Monday):

The irony of this, is I feel like I've finally found a "style" of my own, that suits me, that I can do without issue, that's fun, etc.
Anywho, I'm totally having fun, and guys and dolls..get this. I'M WEARING LIPSTICK. HAVE BEEN SINCE FRIDAY.
I think I just saw a pig fly by.

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