Friday, January 15, 2010

Redheads are not the freshest produce in the aisle

Wait, redheads are produce?

And we're not fresh? I don't know if you all know any redheads but...uhm...we ARE fresh. And sassy. And usually bitingly sarcastic, to the point of being called names and considered mean and/or rude.
*sigh* This makes me think of all the lovely things I was subject to growing up as a redhead. I was called a multitude of names, because I had a number of "strikes" against me:
  • flaming red hair (since calmed into a light strawberry blond)
  • freckles
  • translucently pale skin
  • freakishly skinny (not anymore)
  • braces (2 years)
  • glasses (2 years)
  • bookworm
  • shy
  • blush easily
  • cried easily
Now I've learned there's this whole thing against redheads, especially in the UK, where we're called "gingers" in a very derogatory manner, and there's things about "kick a ginger day" and such nonsense.
I just want to shout to the world
I mean, yes I know red hair is rare enough that it's fascinating to people...but it's yet another way that women get objectified, that people in general find a reason to treat someone differently, and kids get mocked for something they have no control over.
I used to wish I was blond. I wouldn't change it for the world now, but I understand why kids feel that way, and if we are ever blessed with a biological child who happens to have red hair, I will indulge them if they want to dye their hair at any point. With pain in my heart, and a big hug, I will hold them and say,
I know it hurts love. How can I make it a little less painful?
It amazes me the things people will find in order to be prejudiced against others. I know we all are to some extent, as we judge each other instantly, etc...but the key is to move past initial judgements and get to know someone. Basing your reaction to someone on their looks alone, and never moving past that is what got the US into the horrible years of enslaving others based on skin color, of camps of Asian populations during the war, and more atrocities.
I am NOT comparing the mocking that I endured to these horrific events, but that the mindset that precedes such things involves the whole "you're different so I'm better than you" attitude that I'm seeing. I just worry for the years to come...what will come of such attitudes? How is it still socially acceptable to treat one another this way?

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