Monday, January 18, 2010

In Memorium

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Most of us know this, yet we don't expect the children in our lives to know it, or understand it, much less commemorate it.
Enter Little M.

This kid never ceases to amaze us. She's learned about MLK Jr in school, and is fascinated with the work he did, his dream, and his influence on our country. She was convinced this morning that he was the first president in the universe, actually.

Last night, when asked what she wanted to do with her grandma on her special day off from school, she announced that she wanted to make a cake. Today we learned that it was not just any cake, but a cake specifically for MLK Jr day.

Initially she wanted to draw his face in icing, but that seemed a bit daunting. Undeterred, she moved on to: "Ok, well then let's put his grave on it!" and spent lunchtime with her grandma, sketching out her idea. It needed to have "I have a dream" on it, a grave, flags and a headstone.

So, you'll notice all the details on the pictures above. Please note, the colored sprinkles are flowers, and the upside down flag was a mistake, it wasn't intended to be upside down at all :)

She picked out all the decorations and the flavor of the cake, and helped make it, of course. When we cut it tonight, she got the first piece, and insisted on having the entire "grave". I struck a deal with her, allowing her to have it (about twice the size a sane adult would eat), and that I would get to eat what she didn't. Worked out, she ate about half, and I had the rest!

Kiddo picked out confetti cake, my absolute, positively without a doubt FAVORITE CAKE FLAVOR IN THE WORLD!

So...we ate MLK's grave tonight, in memory of his life, as we discussed what his dream was, and whether it had come true.

While there's still much work to go, in the words of Little M, "I'm so glad I don't live back in the old days."

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