Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go out and get busy. - Dale Carnegie

Things have probably seemed a little quiet on the Meanbean Bags front, but there's crazy chaos behind the seams!! (See what I did there??)

Recently I was privaledged to meet a local business owner who placed a lovely wholesale order with me for some custom bags. Due to the nature of this particular order, and what the bags will be for, I can't say much, and sorry, I can't let you enlarge the pictures to see too much detail.

After sealing the deal with this friendly gal, I headed over to Fabric Depot, and proceeded to spend about an hour at their Wholesale counter, as the employees ran around trying to find the huge amounts of everything that I needed. My workspace at home now looks like this:

All those little boxes next to the bolts? Those are zippers and thread, and each box has at least 3 items in it (the thread boxes have 5 and 6 respectively), and THAT'S NOT ALL. I completely wiped Fabric Depot out of the particular zipper that I needed, and so they're special ordering the rest for me. The man who helped me literally went out on the floor and took the rest that were on the shelf!! CRAZY.
so...If you head to Fabric Depot and they're completely out of 12" light blue zippers...sorry. It's my fault, but I tell you, dear reader...I HAVE NO REGRETS.

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