Friday, April 9, 2010

Self-torture (of the exercise sort)

Have you ever been to a gym? Have you ever seen the free weights area? You know the area with the mirrors, lots of dumbbells and various things that look like sculptures gone awry?

I have an area like that at my gym. There's one particular "sculpture" that has puzzled me for a long time. With no one to show me how to use it, though, I wasn't about to try anything, since I couldn't even figure out if I was to sit, kneel, stand...spit on it? The item in question:

Well, on Wednesday I finally saw someone else use this thing. I would NEVER have guessed how it's actually supposed to be used. Here is my attempt at a diagram for you to understand what you're to do to use this...this thing.

Got it? It's weird, but basically your feet are on the black diamond plate there, the backs of your ankles braced against the round pads, and your knees and thighs are against the two pads that are marked. You're facing the Y of the legs there, and you bend toward the floor, and raise yourself back up. Because of where the pads end, you're able to bend basically as far as you want to go. Reverse crunches! Are HARD!

I did 5. I then tried the side crunches I'd seen people do on there, where you literally stand sideways on it and do basically the same thing. My stomach muscles just didn't seem to want to cooperate, but I'd done a lot of stomach exercises by that point.

On my way into the gym, and on the way out, I got a few looks. Not really the "wow, you're hot" looks that every girl loves to get, but more of the "wow...what is she thinking?" looks that I get lots of enjoyment out of. It might have something to do with wearing my Friday Pants today.

That's a black top, black skirt, and HOT PINK AND TEAL LEOPARD LEGGINGS. Because my hubby rocks, and he picked them out for me last night at Claire's for $2.00! I might just make them part of my Friday outfit every week.

Speaking of hubby, he's amazing with ideas for the Meanbean business, often giving me really amazing concept drawings (of which I have no idea how to execute, but I plan to experiment one day), ideas for themes, etc. Last night, he came up with something really awesome.

Two toned zippers!

You all know I love color, and really like to put it together in unexpected ways. Such as the last Meanbean I listed...

So, inspired by this particular color combo, he presented me with this awesome creation:
Sorry, not so great cell phone picture. But...this opens a whole new world of color opportunity for me, and will look amazing with certain ideas floating around here in the Meanbean studio!
As I sit here, in my little office corner, surround by my yarn, fabric, zippers and sundry crafting supplies, I feel so inspired. I feel spurred on to create something, to find a way to have my crafting make a difference in the world, and to provide beauty to someones life. With everything I make, whether it's a bag to sell, a pair of socks for someones feet, or a random pillow for a friend, I truly hope to spread a little joy into a corner that needed it.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to share my love of crafting and color with you!

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