Friday, April 30, 2010

To dream the impossible dream

Photo credit: Mademoiselle Julia

I have always had vivid, pseudo-realistic dreams. They are nearly real enough to be believed, with just a few elements that lend imagination to them. The last few nights, I've had VERY realistic dreams, set in places I've never been, with close friends or family members.

Last night, I was making an absolute pest of myself to a younger cousin, completely unintentionally, and my conscious mind was aware of it, but the me in the dream was not. She finally got fed up with me and left the room, and I was disappointed that she'd gone.

The night before, I'd dreamt something to do with my BFF, and we were travelling around together on some random campus I think. The details have escaped me today, I just remember that she was there with me during nearly the entire dream.

I've never been one to read a terrible lot into dreams, but I do think sometimes they are messages of a sort. Especially last night's dream, it worries me. Do I come across as a blissfully unaware annoyance?

How much weight do you give your dreams in your waking life?

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