Thursday, April 1, 2010

"That which is said by the awesome, is the awesome!"

Today was a day filled with happiness, some sadness but peace, and a fun surprise when I arrived home. I have some super fun news, but I'm going to put it in a different post. It's probably not what you think, and it is SO EXCITING!

After arriving home from a busy workday, I see a square Priority Mail box on the table. I think to myself "hmm, this could be IT, the big reveal, the one that finally tells me who this awesome person is who keeps spoiling me!"

When I open the box, I find this gloriousness just waiting to jump out at me:

Dude...I can't resist! A) Things are wrapped up with clever notes on them and B) the tissue paper is fun bright spring colors!! My mother in law commented that it's like an Easter basket, and she's right! I kept pulling out awesome surprises!

See that cute little Mary Engelbreit card in the front middle? Inside that, my friend/spoiler tells me that there's ANOTHER box to come!!! Dear Got Friends Swapper, you are SPOILING me, and I LOVE it :)

The colors in this picture are horribly off. I'm going to try and get a better picture tonight in my little light box, but the colors are a beautiful mixture of greens, blues, burgundies and purples. It's not nearly as blue as it looks in this picture!

People, my mother in law, the woman who kept her cool when I threw my back out, the woman who is the calm in every storm I've ever seen....THAT woman SQUEE'd when she saw this pincushion. I'm not sure if you understand the magnitude of this. Think of the most unflappable person in your life, then imagine them seeing something in your hands and squealing in delight over it. It was The Awesome.

The awesome pincushion even has a name!! Swap partner, if you're reading this (and I'm 150% sure you are), what pattern did you use for this? Or did you make it up? It was seriously wicked awesome, and I love it :)

Why yes, yes I do, thank you for asking!

I do have a dream! As many of my readers know, it involves working for myself, and being a stay at home mom to our kiddo. I feel like we inch closer to that dream every day!

Again, my mother in law was involved with this one. She's coming down with a cold, so she's all froggy and stuffed up. Well she opened this lotion, just to see, and the smell of delicious, fresh strawberries came tumbling out of that little container. Even through her cold she could smell it.

People, this stuff smells like HEAVEN. It also is super thick and creamy, and my hands loved me for putting it on before bed last night.

She completely spoiled me, yet again....and just made my night so much fun! thank you again swap partner! You are doing much more than I could have ever imagined :)

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