Saturday, July 24, 2010

I want to teach you

Friday, we went up the mountain to see Grandma K, and had ourselves a little adventure!

Our grandma is moving out of her retirement facility and into a lovely "apartment" in one of her kids' homes. It should be a wonderful change for her, she'll be with family, and her little dog will have a big playmate (they have a big Lab), and a yard to play in. We're very happy for her, because while she was happy at the care facility, it's just not the same as being with family.

Yesterday we went out to see her, as it was her last night staying there, and she has some china that she's giving to my in-laws. Little M ADORES Grandma K's little dog, Heidi, and was terribly excited to go see them again. The facility is a warm, friendly place, and Little M is allowed to "walk" the dog in the hallways mostly unsupervised.

As she's doing this, we're standing around in Grandma K's little apartment, chatting while the china is packed up. Little M comes in again, and asks if she can go into someone's "house"/apartment who invited her. She didn't know the person's name, so I went with her, because THAT is not an unsupervised activity.

Turned out to be Grandma K's neighbor, a dear little woman named Rosa. Rosa is from Puerto Rico, and just a dear. She invited both of us into her apartment, and showed me her grandson, and the lovely crochet items she makes. Rosa held up a beautiful crocheted baby blanket she'd made for her grandson, who was born in November, and I noticed she'd also made a lampshade (very delicate and frilly), a doily and a table cover. There were at least two afghans draped on her couch, and I'm willing to bet she gave away a lot more that we didn't see.

As Little M and I are appreciating these items, she then turns to Little M and asks if she likes to make things. Of course, crafty little diva says yes! Rosa, in her adorable broken English, tells Little M "I want to teach you crochet, do you want to learn?"

We sat with Rosa for nearly an hour, as Little M patiently watched and learned the basics of crochet. Rosa was gentle, patient and had her hands on top of Little M's hands to guide them. It was so sweet, and a memory I will cherish. As we bid her good evening, she gave Little M the yarn and hook she'd been working with, so she can practice.

When we returned to Grandma K's place, she asked who it had been, etc. As I told her, Grandma's eye became huge saucers. Apparently, Rosa is very solitary, doesn't talk much, and often eats alone, etc. She's embarrassed because she doesn't feel that she speaks English very well. When we were there, Rosa was able to communicate easily, and while it wasn't perfect English, it was just fine. As I told Grandma K, Rosa understands and speaks a lot more than she thinks she can, and I hope that perhaps the time spent with her might give her the confidence to spend a little more time with some of the people she shares a building with.

Little M came away from the lesson a little frustrated as she had trouble understanding Rosa, but still REALLY wants to learn crochet. We had a mini lesson on the way home, and will continue to work on it as long as she's interested.

My little beans, has an older person ever taken you under their wing?

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