Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have random, weird oral food allergies. I specify oral, because these are not the "I get hives if I eat this" sort of allergies...I have a serious anaphylactic reaction that starts in my mouth within 5 minutes of eating it, and if I don't stop eating the item and take an anti-histamine, I'll end up in the ER.

I've been vigilant over the years since discovering these allergies, but every once in a while I let down my guard. Friday was one such day...I tried a "donut nectarine", which was fabulously sweet. Unfortunately for me, the only thing I can assume is that they are a hybrid of nectarines and a fruit I'm allergic to.
After popping a Benadryl, I sat and did my best to work and not panic while I waited for the pill to take effect. 

About 45 minutes later, having forgotten that I took the pill (yes, I have that kind of memory) I couldn't figure out why on earth I was barely awake. This was not the Monday "I had a killer weekend and barely drug myself out of bed and now I'm here at work" barely awake. This was the drug-induced "I took 5 painkillers instead of 1" barely awake. Complete with spinny brain, no focus, and a leaden feeling in my legs.

Dudes, I only took ONE pill...what on earth? But, I hadn't had much to eat, aside from the half of a nectarine, and so it was very potent. Fortunately that was near lunchtime, so I jumped in my car and dashed through McDonald's before heading back to work. McD's is roughly 1.3 minutes from my office, so once I was back in the parking lot, I turned off the engine, took off my hoodie, leaned my seat alllll the way back, and, get this:

I took a nap.

You guys, it was killer. I set the alarm on my cell phone so I'd be back inside on time, and just put the hood of my hoodie over my eyes, using the rest of it as a pillow. It was so comfy, the car was warm because it was a warm day (but not super hot yet), and I wished I could have slept longer.

I worked for another 3 hours or so, and didn't ever really escape the haze from the Benadryl. After taking off to pick up Little M, we went home, I turned on the TV, put my pillow on the couch, and

took ANOTHER nap.

I was woken up for dinner, then we went to the craft store (I never say no to that!), then I came home and took a lounging, long hot bath. With lots of bubbles. And a good book.

Then I came over here to my bed and picked up my laptop.

I have been a lump today, all because of my efforts to eat healthy.

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