Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Driving In Circles

I was sitting in my car, knitting on this:

I was passing the time, waiting for Little M to come out of school for the daily pick-up routine/circus.  

Shortly after the line of cars moves forward 4.32 inches, I hear a loud rumbling. I glance in my rear-view mirror, and am shocked (and confused) to see a large paving truck pull into the bus lane, and park. I finally decided "Ok, the school must be repaving somewhere" - a logical conclusion, yes?

Little M comes out, then requests that we park and go in to the library, where a Book Fair is being held, so she can see her friend. We circle around and finally find a parking space, and go in. The paving truck is -still- hanging out, but the buses haven't left yet, so I'm assuming he's waiting for them to move to get to where he needs to pave.

We step out of the car, and go back into the school, to the melee that is the Book Fair. Little M finds her friend, they scamper around the library and have a grand old time. I found some fun books, various activity books etc, but honestly, I'm so used to bargain hunting and thrifting, that $12.99 seems an absurd amount of money to spend on an activity book. It's not, I know this, but I'm accustomed to thinking in terms of $10 or less for nearly everything, that I just couldn't bring myself to buy it, though I know she would use it and LOVE it (fairies and mermaids, anyone?)

After a while, I declare it is now time to head home, and we make our way out. As we exit the school, the buses are just leaving. We pull out of the parking space, and into the line of cars waiting to get out with the buses. Being at the tail end of the line, we end up a few cars guessed it, the paving truck. Mister Truck Driver proceeds to follow the buses back out of the bus lane, and continues down the highway he had come from.

(location identifiers have been obscured)

The paving truck happened to turn the same way I was turning, and at this point, I'm incredibly curious, as it seems he pulled into the school for a break or something. My curiosity was never sated, unfortunately, as a little farther down the road, he pulled off and parked in a gravel patch, near a whole lotta nothing.

I still have no idea what that dude was doing, and I'm convinced he didn't either.

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