Monday, November 9, 2009

Product Review: Olay Cleanser and Eye Cream

Having been on the search for a while for a good eye cream, I have decided to take the plunge, and just try one already. I will be turning 30 next year, and while I have no issues with that, I know that I need to take better care of my skin than I have in the past. So, SPF creams, eye cream, etc to the rescue!

Last night and this morning kicked off my new regimen of washing twice daily (I normally only wash once, what can I say, I'm lazy!), and using this eye cream. I scored these two for $14.99 altogether, as Walgreen's is currently having a special where you receive the cleanser for free if you buy one other product in the line.



Eye Cream:

Typically speaking, my under eye circles look like raccoon circles, and only the thickest of makeup will cover them, which is never flattering. So, this is my quest to lighten them without makeup.

Day One*:


As you can see, I have lovely purple-y, bruise-like circles under my eyes. Being only day one, I haven't noticed a change. However, the cleanser smells lovely, a light, clean fragrance, and feels fantastic. It has very fine particles in it to exfoliate, but doesn't feel harsh or rough to my sensitive skin.

The eye cream doesn't seem to have a scent, is light and soaks in quickly. Just a teeny, tiny bit is enough for both eyes, lids and underneath. My tiny jar of this stuff will probably last a while, based on the small amount needed for each application.

Day Two:


This lighting doesn't show it, but this morning it appears that my under eye circles do, in fact, appear lighter. I'm still really liking the cleanser, but we'll have to wait and see. The spotlight effect on my forehead? I'm worried that this might end up making my skin oily. Still only Day Two, too early to tell.

Day Three:


So yes, I still see puffiness under my eyes, but they're not purple anymore! I'm impressed. Also, my skin is clearing up very quickly, and feels nice. The cleanser still feels good, and the eye cream still only takes a tiny dab. So far,  I am not regretting my purchases!

Day Four:


The lighting in my bathroom is horrid, I won't take update pictures in there any more. It's hard to tell in this picture, but my skin is looking better, smoother and less blotchy, and the circles are gradually becoming less noticeable  I'm wondering if it's something in the creme itself that masks them, or if they really are fading.

Day Five:


Today I waited until I got to work, the lighting is more true. I honestly believe this eye cream works! My eye circles are much lighter. My skin feels fantastic, so I love the cleanser too. I DID cut down to washing only once per day, since it's an exfoliant too. My skin is very picky, and doing that twice a day is just asking for it.

Day Six:

I swear to you I am not wearing a drop of makeup in this picture. The slight color around my eyes is left over from yesterday, but check out my skin!! MY SKIN PEOPLE. It's clear, under eye area matches the rest of my face.

One more day for this week long evaluation, but rest assured, I am SOLD.

Day Seven - End of Review:


All in all, I'm extremely happy with these products. The facial wash feels great, smells good, and my skin seems to have a more even tone, feels smooth, and is clearing up. The eye cream has little to no smell, feels great, soaks in quickly, and appears to have, in fact, reduced my raccoon eyes to mere hints of color under my peepers.

I would recommend buying these two, and using daily. I used the eye cream morning and night, the face wash only when I showered.

I am in no way affiliated with Olay or any other company, and am reviewing this of my own accord, with no compensation (for those who were concerned).

This post will be updated with daily pictures for the next week to see improvement, if any :)

*All review pictures will be unedited, and taken with me wearing no makeup. Please leave now if this is too frightening for you. Also note this may be too intense for young children, cover their eyes accordingly.

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