Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KISS My Cherry

The clock shows 6:15pm, dinner is finished, and hair is being brushed. A little chap stick, shoes, and a knitting project, and we're out the door. After trying twice in the flickering darkness of early night, and streetlights flashing by, I gave up casting on the socks I'd hoped to work on. We drove to the Rose Garden in comfortable silence, pulled into the special parking garage we were privileged to use, and got on the elevator.

Pressing 5 for Suites Level gave me a little thrill, as did the fact that the people on the elevator with us got off on level 3, with the unwashed masses. Or washed, I really don't know, but there were a lot of people, and I bet some of them weren't recently bathed.

The doors glide closed, and we ascend to the Suites Level. Walking down a quiet, warm hall, our tickets are checked, my bag is inspected, and we are waved through. The Suites Level walkway, where you walk around the outside of all the suites themselves, is carpeted, lit with recessed lighting, decorated with photo plaques of stars who have performed there,  and incredibly quiet. The doors to each suite appear to be about 8 or 9 feet tall, all made of light, modern wood, and a small sign next to each shows which company owns them.

After a short walk around, we arrive at suite 15, owned by Metro Metals NW, a friend of my dad's, and the reason we were given these tickets.


There's a coat room (not closet, though there's a closet within the coat room), a small kitchenette with a 
bar, two arm chairs, soda and popcorn, another bar that faces the arena, and 12 comfy leather-like chairs to watch the show from.


After settling in, we enjoyed watching people fill in the arena, and appreciated that our seats were nearly facing the stage head on. The stage was set, the lights went down, the stage came to life, and Buckcherry began the night. Like a black hole, they sucked us down into a night filled with music, screaming, and all out fun.


I had never heard Buckcherry before, and I loved it. They're def. my kind of music, and will be added to my playlist! Heavy drums and insane guitar riffs....this girl is happy.

After a short 45 minute set, they left the stage. There was a little movement on stage, then the KISS curtain came down:


After waiting for a while, the stage was finally set up. We had been made to listen to random music the Rose Garden was piping in during the intermission, and between Spin Doctors and some easy listening, I was ready to friggin' ROCK OUT.

Then, oh then. The lights went out. The stage lit up. The curtain dropped. KISS took the night.


Now, I must admit that I am a lazy KISS fan. I love 70's rock especially, but most guitar/drum heavy rock gets my heart going. However, aside from the song everyone knows (I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night), I didn't know the songs being performed. But you really can't be at a KISS show, with fireworks, fire, strobe lights, disco balls and a zip line, and not have fun. It just isn't possible.

I'm surprised I can speak today, I screamed, shouted and cheered every chance I got. My hands tingled from clapping so much, and I'm exhausted from staying out until midnight on a Tuesday, of all days.
I wouldn't change a single thing.

Thank you Daddy-O. You know how to make this girl one happy camper. ♥

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