Thursday, November 26, 2009

Think About It

Today I stumbled across Punctuality Rules! and her post is both sad, and thought-provoking. Inspired by the sudden death of a co-worker, she puts these questions to her readers.
  • What have you put off that you truly would love to do? Many things - staying home with Little M, travelling the world, learning a new language, doing what I can to relieve the suffering of others

  • Are you spending your days doing something you love? Or at least, not spending them doing something you hate? I don't hate my day job (desk jockey doing accounting and various other functions), but I do hate that it takes me away from my family. Nights though, I do what I love: sew, knit, play, etc

  • What goals do you have for “someday” that you could be doing nowNot much, that I can see. Most goals involve me not working for someone else, and for the next year or two, that's not possible. I'm doing what I can in the place we're in right now though, and it makes me happy.

  • Are you spending enough time with the people that you love? Definitely not.
And then, the next, most important question?

What can you do about it?

I'm still working on finding balance between day job, side job, and family. Add in housework and trying to cook too so MIL isn't doing it all....I have poor balance as it is! This girl falls down a lot, and so this is a constant work in progress :)

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