Friday, November 6, 2009

Stupid sells

So, my "Note To Self" post from yesterday seems to be highly popular. The notion is true - stupidity sells, when it's not your own stupidity. Never fear, I have *plenty* of these stories.

My father travels a great deal, building networks and connections in the hopes that it will result in sales accounts. This job has recently had him on the road for 5 days at a time, home only on weekends. During this time, I have been slated to take care of his dog, and Little M is loving the chance to take care of him, walk him, etc. Dad is feeling really guilty about leaving the little guy home alone for days at a time, so in an effort to make up for it, he has left the Treat of All Treats - raw hamburger.

Prior to leaving, he had set out several baggies of meat to thaw from the freezer, in the kitchen sink. He let me know, and all was good. Monday, I arrive and portion out some of the meat for dog boy to devour. 

Gratefully wagging his tail, he trots happily out with Little M for his walk around the cul-de-sac.

Here's where my memory stops. Literally. The rest of Monday is a complete blank until I'm out with some friends.

Tuesday rolls around. We go to Dad's house to care for the dog again. And cannot find the meat. 

Anywhere. I checked the fridge, the freezer, the sink many, many times, the garbage....I could not for the life of me figure out what I'd done. The house didn't stink, so I figured I'd put it away somewhere, but couldn't figure it out. At this point, I'm convinced I have lost my mind, am panicking, and so while I'm trying to find it, my eyes really aren't seeing anything.

Ended up giving the dog a hot dog instead, which he still loves, and calling Dad to let him know there's raw meat running amuck in his home.

Today, Dad calls to tell me he found it. In the freezer door. So, at least it didn't go to waste or anything.

In other news, I've been having fun taking pictures, editing the ones I've taken, and so on. I'm incredibly happy with the results of these two:


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