Saturday, November 28, 2009

*insert clever Thanksgiving quip here*

Oh man you guys, Thanksgiving this year was nerve-wracking and fun all at once! What with a few awkward family dynamics, stoic in-laws most of us have never conversed with, and a small house to keep it all contained, plus I apparently had a stroke of Icandothis and offered to cook a dish....yikes.

Despite the anxiety moving into the holiday, everything was actually great, no one seemed to offend anyone else, the food all turned out at least good, if not great, and there was no drama! Boy, I love a holiday with no drama. Not that my family is drama-filled, but some get-togethers are just ripe for it.

There was a lovely set out of glassware for anyone who wanted a little wine:

I personally indulged a little, as for once, I was not to be driving! Our hostess had provided a lovely red Pinot Noir, and I made that half glass was so nice!

Little M was a bit overwhelmed with the number of people, so she holed up in an empty room with her Nintendo DS, and was content. Fancy dress notwithstanding, she's still a 6 year old :)

Our hostess was my Sis in Law, who's just 11 weeks away from the birth of their first baby! It's a boy, and his name will be Logan. She's just a stick anyway, and so her baby bump is just extra cute on her tiny frame:
Can you believe she's nearly done? So tiny...sheesh!

Anyway, the various family members lounged around, chatting, arguing about football plays, or reading ads as they waited for the turkey and sundry to be done
Aunt Becky - mid-conversation
Aunt Becky - mid-conversation
Matt - laughing it up in the kitchen (John in background - FIL)
Matt - laughing it up in the kitchen (John in background - FIL)
BIL's brother Adam and his dad, intent on football
BIL's brother Adam and his dad, intent on football

And then, oh then...time to EAT. With 16 people attending, and nearly everyone brought something...well...

All in all, a wonderful gathering, lots to be thankful for, and I came home feeling incredibly blessed. I hope you had a good Turkey Day as well!

I will leave you with some pictures of the fun decor that was to be found about the home...


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