Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

I have a small area of wall in my sewing room that has become my art "collection", if you will. With only 3 pieces, I can't truly call it a collection, yet they're all art, and they all sing to me. When I'm not looking out the window (directly next to the art), I'm glancing over these pieces, smiling to myself and often noticing new details or textures I hadn't seen before.
My "collection"
Sparrows and Bleeding Heart, by shaireproductions
Crush, by kmberggren
Crush, by kmberggren
Merchild, by kmberggren
I just adore each of these pieces on their own, and as a collective on my wall. They all represent love in some form, they are by talented artists, and two of these were given to me by people I love.
Do you ever find that the more progress you make toward something, the more motivated you are to keep going? I think this is a normal facet of human nature, and I am no exception. Lately I've made serious progress on The Big Secret Sewing Project, and my piles of cut fabrics are bigger! I'm nearly done cutting everything out, and will soon be able to start assembly. This is WAY ahead of the time I thought I'd be doing all this, so now I'm thinking, maybe I CAN actually do this whole bag business on a large scale. If I can knock out this thing, I am going to feel like Super Woman. It could the kick in the pants I need :)
The piles they are a growin'
The bolts, they are a shrinkin'
Do you have a collection of sorts that inspires you?

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