Monday, May 10, 2010

What are Heelys?

As I have written several times about learning to use my Heelys, etc, I have come to realize that not everyone lives in my little world of Awesome. In order to induct you to this world, I will begin by introducing you to Heelys.

One day, probably two years ago or so, Matt and I were strolling around the Oregon State Fair. In a booth we randomly came across, there were stacks and stacks of shoe boxes, proclaiming that one could run and skate without changing thier shoes. We looked a little closer, and saw they were Heelys, shoes with skates in the heels. As tempting as they were, for $70 a pair for adults, and not a lot cheaper for kids, we walked away empty-handed.

Fast forward a few years, and we're rambling around at Ross one day. Suddenly, Matt comes over to me with a big old cat-got-the-bird grin, holding a pair of pink and white Heelys! For $10!!!
Once again...


We're not stupid. We bought those suckers so fast the checkers thought a tornado came through.
Speed through another year or so, and I'm cruising Ross with my girl Ester (noticing a pattern here? Yes, I'm cheap.) She comes from the shoe department with a pair of Heelys for HER, for $15!


I went back and scoured the shoe shelves like a crazy person. I mean, I moved all the shoes to see if any were hiding, I checked all the sizes in case other people are like me and "hid" them there. Nada. Ester scored the one and only pair that day.

Since my day job has me near that Ross, I've been leisurely checking for them again about twice a month or so. A few months ago, I scored! Again, just for $15, and I'm pretty sure they'd just stocked the shelves. I had about 5 pair to choose from, and Ester nabbed a second pair.
Mine are styled like this, but are brown with little flowers on them and rhinestones. Because apparently I"m a sucker for girly.

Since then, I've been working on the unique balancing act that is skating on Heelys, building the muscles in my shins that are required for allowing yourself to roll distances. I've just about got it, and it's providing no end of entertainment to the boys at work as I skate around the kitchen on breaks.
I'm the weird mom who wears mismatching outfits, styles her hair in the 40's styles, and wears Heelys so I can skate through stores with my kid.
You know you're jealous.

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