Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rebel Alliance

I have been welcomed to the Dark Side, which in my life, makes me a Rebel, though in Star Wars, the Rebel Alliance were the Jedis. After waiting months for the day of my appointment to arrive, yesterday was finally The Day. I stopped at a local pub and had a delicious, peppery cup of clam chowder, and headed over to the studio.

We discussed color schemes, final placement, and made sure any tweaks I wanted were done.
Waiting to begin, with the stencil in place!

My work was done by Tanya at Above The Pearl Tattoo, a lovely shop that is by appointment only, and you are the only person there getting work done. It was a peaceful place, which I was very thankful for, as I had some serious jitters going on. She talked me through everything, gave me breathing techniques for getting through the more painful parts (some parts of the wrist are VERY sensitive!), and gave me breaks when I needed it.
In progress

Taken without looking, because while I'm a trooper, I just cant watch needles + skin

During the time Tanya was working on me, we had the window open for some fresh, rain-soaked air, and soon we heard shouting. It became more clear as they got closer to her studio, and I guess there was a protest of some kind going on last night. We never did figure out WHAT they were protesting, all we heard were chants of "Go home mumblednameofsomeoneorsomething". But, it provided interesting conversation, and helped, again, distract me from the burning feeling of the needle.
completed outline

I may be a geek, but I totally ooh'd and aah'd over her awesome tools. this stencil thing was amazing, and the purple that the stencil was totally reminds me of the old microfiche (spelling?) papers we would get in school. I know I'm dating myself, but that purple used to be the go-to ink for whatever they used to make copies of worksheets in my elementary school.

I hadn't had a particular color scheme in mind, so in talking with Tanya, we decided to go fully traditional, as my whole design is traditional, and she made it AMAZING. As it heals, the colors will POP more, and the shading will be obvious. Right now, it looks pretty solid, which I still like, but I'm excited to see the healed art too.
final product, about 5 minutes after she finished

I am SO incredibly happy with this! It was absolutely worth the wait.

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