Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Hope You Dance

Earlier today, as I was sitting here cutting away 30 yards of interfacing (in about an hour thankyouverymuch I ROCK), I was listening to a pile of songs I've put together on Playlist.com. If you've never played around with that, you totally should. If you've ever listened to Pandora and gotten frustrated, you should check it out.

Playlist allows you to literally build yourself playlists, and listen to them. You can't download it, so they're not violating any of that jazz, and you get awesome music! One of the songs that came on was LeeAnn Womack's I Hope You Dance. It's a beautiful country song about jumping for the chances life gives you.

My favorite line:
When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance
There's so much more to that song, but that one line sticks with me every time I listen to it. I like to think I've taken chances in my life, that I've risked things. Honestly? If I have, they've been small. I have yet to take that big leap of faith that changes one's life. I honestly haven't seen a time in my life to take it. Perhaps I look at life as though the big leaps just aren't that big to me, I'm not sure. I know some would say adopting little M on what essentially, was a 30 second conversation, was a leap of faith. Others perhaps see a few other things I've done in life as big risks.
All I know is, God seems to put things in my path that just seem right, they fit perfectly, and so I embrace them. 

They don't feel like a big leap of faith, a big risk, or life changing until I look back. Often, even when it's life changing, when looking back I can see my life was already heading that direction, and the changes weren't a surprise.

Looking forward, there are so many possibilities. So many chances for things to turn out amazing, or to come to a crushing halt. I have no way of knowing where my path will lead, but I do hope that when I'm given the choice to sit it out, or dance...that I will leap to my feet with a grin on my face and never look back.

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