Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't trust anyone

In our house, with 4 adults, we have a routine where Matt gets little M ready for school, my mother in law Donna takes little M to school, and I usually pick her up. When Donna is on the way to school with little M, they play various games, chat, whistle, pray and generally try to start the day with a good mood.

Thursday morning transpired as such:

Little M: I used to be rude to Grandpa, but not now. Now I love him.
(this is true, she used to avoid him at all costs. We never really figured out why, except that he mercilessly teased her. But lately, she's accepted him as she does the rest of us. I guess we're learning pack dynamics here?)
Donna: Oh? Why were you rude to him before?
Little M: I didn't trust him, but I trust him now. But...I don't trust restaurants.
Donna (after a confused pause): You...don't trust restaurants? Why?
Little M: I just don't trust them.
Donna: What do you think will happen?
Little M: I think they might poison my food!

We have NO IDEA where this idea came from...we can only assume someone must have talked about getting food poisoning from a restaurant within her earshot. Donna then relays this to Matt and I, and we're both baffled. Little M LOVES going out to eat, so this is news to us.

Fast forward to Thursday evening...Matt has just arrived home.

Little M (attacking Matt's legs): DAAAAADDDDDYYYYYY!!!!
Matt (disentangling himself, towering over M): Hey Little M! So...I hear we don't get to go out to eat anymore?
Little M (confused stare): What? Why??!
Matt: You told Grandma you don't trust restaurants, so I guess we can't go out to eat anymore. more Chinese food...
Little M (abruptly, and quickly cutting him off): Oh no! We can go to the Chinese place! I trust the Chinese!!! one else.
*cue the rest of the family DYING of laughter*

Good to know. When she gets older, and brings home a dating partner that isn't Chinese, I am SO throwing this in her face. Yep, I'm an awesome mom.

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