Thursday, March 22, 2012


There truly need to be more hours in the day. Not hours for office work, housework, commuting or any of those other things that have to be done that few of us look forward to. No, I would like to have "free" hours added to our days, please. Hours that don't cut into our precious sleeping time, so we can spend two or three hours a day "playing", whatever that looks like for each of us.

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If I had several extra hours each day? Ideally I'd like to think I'd be farther along on all my projects, and finally get caught up to the many things I want to accomplish. In reality, I know that I'd use that valuable time to start more projects instead of finishing them. So, it's probably good (for me) that these mythical hours don't exist.

As a form of spring cleaning, I'm trying to finish up projects that are languishing. I'm about halfway through quilting Donna's adorable M.E. quilt, and I haven't done much knitting because of this. I have been doing a ton of reading on sewing blogs, sites, finding tips and techniques, and otherwise gorging myself on information on projects that aren't even in the works yet. It's very inspiring, and I do find that reading about people doing things that I want to do spurs me to clear out mental and physical space for me to start them myself.

One thing that I've seen, and something I've tossed around for a few years now, is the idea of making my wardrobe. Not just one or two peices, but planning out things I like that I know I'll wear, and making them. I've been gradually doing something like this for a while, as I have 4 skirts in heavy rotation that I made, a couple of sweaters that I knitted (though one is rarely worn and I'll probably pull it apart and make something else instead), and various accessories that I've made. Matt has made me several necklaces and bracelets, and those stay in rotation as well.

The idea of dressing well, and paring down my closet is very appealing to me. The thought of having layers for the erratic weather patterns we have here in Portland, paired with a fun vintage aesthetic makes my heart go a-flutter. As I browse the web, I find ideas for layering where I will still look the way I want, and not like I put on a dress over something modern to "go retro". Please don't misunderstand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, or any other style one chooses to wear!

My personal taste tends toward being as accurate as I can be, because I really love the look and feel. Compared to my usual jeans and t-shirt each day, even casual dresses are dressy and make me feel fabulous.
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My hope is to park myself at Jo-Ann's on Saturday and look through all the pattern books I can get my hands on, and get some ideas of what I want in my closet. I already have some pretty clear ideas.

Such as, I really love the Starlet Suit, but I would really like just the pattern, not the full course. However, the tailoring tips and whatnot I think would be invaluable, so I may one day invest in this course. However, I still plan to see if I can find a full skirted suit pattern on my own.

I also plan to invest in the big pink Vogue book. Everyone on Amazon just raves about this book and what a great reference it is! It's only $19.77 so this book will be purchased sooner rather than later :)
Just writing about the things I want to get done makes me itch to go sew. So, I'm off ...ta for now!

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