Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Nonsense

It's Friday, and I really don't feel like being Not Lazy, so here's a fun blog meme that's apparently making the rounds. I nabbed this one from the hilarious and awesomely real BabyBabyLemon
First off, a picture of me:

silly self portrait

silly self-portrait, playing with a new camera app I found called Camera Awesome! It took my really craptastic cell picture and made it this, so obviously I'm keeping it. Plus, it's FREEEEEEEEE, the best price of all!
Eleven things about me:
  1. I hate being in front of the camera. My expression above might have clued you in.
  2. I was diagnosed with a mild case of OCD a while back, and it's starting to become obvious in my life. And I like it.
  3. I hate being late
  4. I am chronically late to everything
  5. Nail polish has become a slight addiction and Matt's jokes about my painting my nails nightly are only sort of joking
  6. I am horrific at small talk. To the point that I make the conversation awkward and people avoid me the rest of the event.
  7. Post it notes make me squee, for no other reason than I adore office supplies, and Post Its are the pinnacle of supply heaven to me
  8. I'm craving another tattoo, yet I don't have any idea what I want
  9. Expensive taste means I do a ton of window shopping, daydreaming, and attempting to DIY things on the cheap, which doesn't work out when I demand expensive supplies and perfection. I usually end spending about the same amount as if I'd bought the darned thing.
  10. I feel that I need more chiffon scarves in my life. Two are simply not enough.
  11. I am horrible at these things. It's taken me ages just to come up with 11 things for you!
Now I have to answer the questions BabyBabyLemon came up with for her readers:
  • If you could do it over, would you change your prom date? Or whether you didn’t go? I absolutely would, though other things would have to change too. I went to prom with a friend who was in love with me, because Matt was in Georgia going to college or some junk, so he ditched my prom. It was awkward, and my date was more interested in having me as his date than actually dancing or anything. I'm not sure that prom is ever NOT awkward, but it would have been FAR less so with Matt.
  • What is your favorite flower? Why? I love daisies. I think it's because they're super simple, they don't really have a smell, and the white and yellow color is a striking combination to my eyes.
  • What is your least favorite word(s)? Moist. I had that word with a passion. Also, things prefixed with 'Bro', such as "bromance"...not a word! "Staycation" is NOT a word! I hate hate this trend in the American dialect, which makes me feel like a snob. I know language changes and is fluid, but dang these are not changes I'm ok with. I'd like to submit a complaint.
  • What is the longest you ever lived in one house/apartment? Probably with my parents growing up, we moved into what is now my dad's house when I was 5, and I moved out at 21 to get married.
  • What is your favorite guilty pleasure website? Oh my, all of them? I think Pinterest definitely caps them all's eye candy to the extreme, for anything you could want.
  • What do you like to ideally eat/drink at the end of a long, hard day? If it's a really hard day, I like to joke that I want alcohol, but generally a cup of hot tea or cocoa, and comfort food. Like, a grilled cheese sandwich and soup. Simple food to make me warm and feel loved is the best thing at the end of a dog-poop-on-my-shoe kind of day.
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Minsk, Belarus, with my Olya. Of course Matt and little M have to come too.
  • What is the name of your imaginary childhood friend? I never really had a name for it, I just talked to her/myself all the time. I still do. Generally not out loud, but I do laugh at my own thoughts and jokes.
  • If money were no object, would you hire household help? What kind? (housekeeper, chef, nanny, gardener, etc) All of them? except a nanny, I don't trust anyone with little M after the daycare debacle. Oh my word though, a housekeeper and chef and gardener!? yes, please.
  • Stripes or plaid? It really depends on the outfit, I love them both. I'm far more picky about plaid though, so perhaps I like stripes more?
  • Favorite board or card game? Oh easy peasy - Settlers of Catan. Any expansion/variation is great, and any number of people. I just LOVE the game.
Technically I'm supposed to come up with questions for you, and tag people. But, remember how at first I said I don't want to be Not Lazy? Yeeaaahh. So...enjoy! And if you decide to do this meme, let me know my lovies, I love reading stuff like this!

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