Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh dear, I caught the bug

The Sewing Bug! I swear, every Spring this little bug burrows into my bonnet and spends the next few months whispering ideas to me, buzzing around unsatisfied if I don't sew at least a little each day, and otherwise consuming my every waking thought.

This spring is no different. As Google tells me today is the first day of Spring, I thought I'd commemorate it a bit by showing you what sewing I'm doing, and what I have up my proverbial sleeve.

First of all, I have finally given in, and my cute kitschy black sweater is going to lose the hot pink whipstitching around the armholes. It's just not flattering, and highlights the small bunches that form under my arms.

So, right now it has this on each armhole:

A bit of this (where I found...interesting forms of anchoring the many, many short lengths the sweater modifier used):

and now my left arm is delightfully not highlighted (this was halfway through, it took longer than I expected):

Later today my right side will match, and it won't feel like a frankenstein sweater!

On my sewing table at home, is a big work in progress that is (finally) nearly done! Well, technically, it's on my floor:

Donna was so excited when she came home yesterday and saw I had this out! My mom and I created the quilt top 2 years ago for Donna for Christmas, and were planning to finish it in January after giving it to her.


Yeah. This is how nearly all of my large scale projects go, and yet I never learn. However, I am finishing it now! I was able to get it 3/4 of the way pinned (instead of basting) last night, but I ran out of safety pins for the last quadrant or so. I plan to have this finished by this Friday. At the latest.

My reasons are two-fold:
1) I want to finish some of my works in progress, because they are weighing on me and cluttering up my house.
2) I have a project I want to make for Easter, and the pattern I need goes on sale on Friday, so timing would be perfect.

Yes, I know that would add to my works in progress, but I plan to bang out this Easter project and call it good. I'll be buying this pattern (which has a number of mixed reviews online, and many, many suggestions for modifications, which makes my Sewing Senses tingle):

I have some really lovely blue and white floral fabric my grandma passed on to me, and it will be perfect for this dress with the center portion made of white or a darker blue (I haven't decided yet). My goal is to have it done in time to wear on Easter, which is April 8!
I need some sewing fairies in my life, I do believe.

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