Thursday, March 8, 2012


Following on the heels (ba dum ch!) of yesterday's post about my fashion, I decided two things:
  1. Dressing vintage is far easier than finding clean jeans, a shirt without stains or holes, and a jacket that doesn't make me look like I'm painting the house, THEN leaving the house. When I put on a dress, the rest of the outfit just comes together, because it's simple. Tights, low heels, slight curl to the bangs and a cardigan. BAM I'm out the door.
  2. You guys might like to see what inspires me!
As far as realization #1, this leads me to conclude that I need to follow my heart with my wardrobe, and dress as often as possible in pretty dresses, warm cardigans and cute shoes. There's no reason not to! If I'm painting the house, you can bet I'll find leggings, a cute button down top and a scarf for my head - because even when painting, I want to feel pretty darn it. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel pretty makes everything around me feel sunnier.

That sounds cheesy, I know. But for me, it's true. My complete outlook on everything in my day takes on my mood, like most of us. If I feel confident, attractive and put together, I feel like I can take on whatever my day throws at me, and usually I can do it with a smile. Usually. Obviously if it's a BAD day, no amount of awesome clothing is going to make that better, but I'm talking about your average, boring, irritating day.

So, today I dressed up again. I hope soon it won't feel like dressing up, but just my day to day "normal" (no such thing! unless you decide it's so) type of clothing. Today's outfit is a little more casual, but it allows me to wear a really awesome cardigan I bought when I bought the super awesome cherry red one:

I love the random spangles!

This cardigan came with shoulder pads sewn in! I know some people feel they need them, but with the pads, I looked like a linebacker. Not really what I'm going for, so out they came. The hot pink whipstitching around the arms is iffy. Matt thinks it should stay, I'm considering removing it. I like the rest of it, but not so much the stitches.

My favorite detail of this necklace. I know this isn't a very period accurate piece, but I don't care. I love these long, junky necklaces, and this big rhinestone heart is just my favorite.

Once again, thrift store score! Cute, vintage-y Sam and Libby shoes. They need to be resoled, and one day I'll get around to that, and putting some pads in the heels. You can't see it here, but they're slightly too big, and flop when I walk. Not very safe with my clumsy self!

My whole look today. This outfit apparently makes me look really, really young. I didn't have time to do much other than curl my bangs today, but that's the magic of these bangs, I think. I still look polished, with minimal effort.

As far as my inspiration goes, there are two vintage blogger girls out there to whom I can bestow credit:

The Little Red Squirrel - amazing, just amazing
Twila Jean - Not only is she adorable, she just had a baby, looks fabulous all the time, and is incredibly talented!

There are often blogs I find that I read a few posts, and decide if I'll follow to see more. When I came across these two gals? I immediately followed them, then began reading back. I'm working on reading back to the beginning of both blogs - I can't get enough! The Little Red Squirrel is singularly responsible for my cardigan shopping. She finally solved my inability to figure out how to stay warm and stylish at once. I seem to remember my mom trying to get me to wear cardigans, but of course I wouldn't!

Now, I love them!

I'm still sewing on that bright yellow petticoat - I will post progress pictures and finished pictures soon. I have to finish it by Sunday evening, so you know there'll be pictures when I'm done with all the flouncy, poufy goodness!

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