Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Sea Urchin's Attacking My Face!!

Oh's just my killer awesome Monster Sleep Mask!

Heck yes you read that right.


I have this little thing that's brewing with one of my BFFs, miss Ester of Not Another Princess...and so this sleep mask is my first run. There's definitely some tweaks to be done, and the final product will have a few touches that this one is lacking.

What it ISN'T lacking, however, is awesome to the power of 11.
Future masks will most likely have shorter fur, and I learned the valuable lesson of working with fur. Do not chew gum whilst doing so. Blech.
So...would YOU sleep with an urchin on your face? I'm going to try it out tonight and see what transpires. Perhaps he'll acquire a name, and ward off nightmares. I shall keep you posted.

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