Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are these my pants?

Today should be a great day. I spent the first half in bed, snoozing away. Seriously, I didn't get up until noon! After lounging around for a while, I finally took a nice warm shower (doubly nice when it's 25 degrees outside!), and got dressed. Living with our in-laws, we take turns doing the grocery shopping, and our turn has come! Little M, Matt and I set off for WinCo, stopped at 7-11 for a hot dog and Slurpee lunch, because we're uber healthy.

Upon arriving to WinCo, I promptly managed to bite off Matt's head, freak out on Little M, and reject all attempts to hug me or calm me down. I have no idea what came over me, but for most of the time in WinCo I was impossibly grouchy.

For today, I have my grumpy pants on. Ever have days like that? I'm still feeling grumpy, but being home, sitting in a chair, typing this out and doing a whole lotta nothing feels pretty safe. I feel bad about how I've acted earlier, so I'm trying to be extra nice to my family to make it up to them.

A good way to calm down, a least for me, is working on my super bright Jaywalker socks! I'm nearly down the foot of the sock, and then i'll get to start over! Not so sure if I'll start the second sock right away, or if I'll start another pair...I'm not dedicated like that :)

Hopefully I'll be wearing different pants tomorrow!

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