Thursday, December 17, 2009

So, I slept with an urchin

Last night's test with the sleep mask/sea urchin was a success! Not only was it very comfy, the slightly thicker elastic I used (rather than the teeny thin ones I see on mass produced masks) made it very secure. It didn't slip around at all, no matter how much I tossed and turned.

It's a bit bigger than the mask I currently own from Frederick's of Hollywood. I know I know, but it worked, ok? The only light it let in was down near the end of my nose, if I opened my eyes while wearing the mask. Negligible at best.

The fur only slightly tickled, and after about 5 minutes of lying there trying to assess how I felt about wearing it, I didn't notice the fur anymore. I wake up during the night most of the time, just enough to flip over and go back to sleep. I don't recall waking up at all last night, but I can't attribute that to the mask!

I did wake up with my alarm, and then again, and then again, as I reset it each time. Every time I had to move the mask to my forehead, the area around my eyes, etc got COLD. I realized then that the mask was actually warm, and so probably did contribute to my quality of sleep, as I sleep best when I'm warm all over.

I wasn't all sunshine and rainbows when I got up this morning, but I sure was happy with the mask itself. Secure, warm, comfy and dark, it does everything I want it to!

Now, to refine and perfect the awesome that is the Monster Mask.

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