Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I was so sure

Ever had one of those thoughts, a memory, or a flash back to something you were absolutely, positively, 100% certain happened? So much so, you remember feeling an item, being in that one store, the lighting? 

The bag you stashed it in? The one place you put it in your sewing room?

Too specific? Yeah, I was 150% sure I'd purchased this one piece of fabric for a certain secret project. Now I'm at a point where I actually need it, about a year later.

Last night I absolutely RANSACKED my sewing room, the various boxes that have accumulated, the closet that we shove everything in when we have to clean up the house fast, and still, no stinking fabric.

I even pulled out my receipt box where I keep them from my fabric purchases for the Meanbean business, thinking it would be in there if I had indeed made this purchase.

My receipts went back into October 2008, and yet...no luck.

The only scenario I can come up with is this:

This particular piece of fabric is specific, was new last year, and hard to find. I searched online and locally, debated long and hard over which color variation I would purchase, whether I would buy one, or two, etc. Essentially, I figure this is where it ended. I debated so long that it resulted in complete lack of action.

I will now check locally, which I doubt will have it, and then purchase online if local does not have it. I have confirmed several sources that have what I need, for reasonable prices. but still...if I had simply quit goofing around and BOUGHT IT ALREADY this would be a moot issue.

Sometimes I over-think things.

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