Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike Bar

Well, not me, personally. This is a submission on Auto-Complete Me, a new source of hilarity from our BFF, the interwebz.

This weekend I had my second counseling/therapy session. I don't talk much about my personal issues here, but I've begun seeing a therapist due to the previous events of this year. It's been good, these whole two sessions, but after talking with her this weekend, I realized something.

To most people, doing stupid, embarrassing things that you'd rather not talk about is part of the definition of "college". For me, that's pretty much my life. I tend to not think before acting, I'm ridiculously easily embarrassed, and due to the embarrassment or stupidity (or both) of the situation, I file those memories away in the Do Not Re-Open cabinet back in the dusty, dark corner of my brain's basement. The place where the spiders hang out, so I"m certain not to voluntarily visit.

I did my share (or more) of stupid things in college, sure. But, it didn't start or end in college. I just learn a small lesson, and move on. As my dad once said, he and I learn things by diving headfirst into the shallow end, instead of assessing things and getting in on the deep end, after taking everything into account.

Dang, sometimes my head hurts after these lessons.

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